"Looks good enough to eat!

Handmade candles that mimic everyone's favorite desserts, baked goods and drinks.

U.S. Grown, All Natural Soy

Premium, Refined Paraffin

Non-tonxic Scents, Phthalate Free

All Cotton Wick, No Zinc

Metal Safety Wick Base

Longer Burn, Low Soot

Maximum Scent %

Made in small batches to maintain quality. All soy candles available. 

Upcoming Events in Northeast Ohio

July 13th     Great Lakes Mall Popup Shop. Find us inside Mentor mall in front of JC Penneys.

August 17th     Chesterland Historical Village Flea Market. Hours 8am-3pm. Includes antiques, treasures, fresh vegetables, flowers and of course Candle Parlor.

November 22-24th     IX Center Christamas Connect craft show. Breakfast with Santa, live entertainment and 750 vendor booths.

The Artisans of Candle Parlor

The crew

Sharing the gifts we have been given. The Candle Parlor is our effort to cultivate and share the talents with which we have been blessed. We are drawn to the challenge of merging aesthetic beauty with practicality. Our project started as a husband and wife team. It became a family effort. Our strengths support each other’s weaknesses. And we share a unique curse; the need to figure out how something is made and improve upon it.We found great satisfaction as a young couple helping each other make gifts for friends and family. What we’re sure began as half patronizing smiles gave way to sincere expressions of “Wow, you made that?” and “Where can I buy this?” 

We look back now and realize that most holiday and birthday gifts were investments for the shop or craft room. These hobbies were defining us more than our daily professions. Our adult careers provided wonderful opportunities for growth that helped us build our artisan gift business. Now our family’s favorite outings are to visit tool shops, craft supply stores and home goods stores. We look forward to sharing this same excitement with you. And you with your recipient as they enjoy the gift of handcrafted beauty.